New Cleanse Series Packs

Green Leaves, Coconut, Carrot, and More in the Packs!

New Cleanse Series with All the Good Stuff

Start your cleansing journey today.

The Beginner Cleanse Pack
2 Days — 10 Bottles

Start juice cleansing by trying some non-loaded juices such as orange, green leaves, coconut and other tropical fruit. enjoy the amazing taste from our juice first.


The Advanced Cleanse Pack
3 Days — 12+1 Bottles

This advanced cleanse pack helps to detoxify, boost your energy and cleanse your internal body. Keep your healthy lifestyle on the track! 


The Master Cleanse Pack
5 Days — 22 Bottles

Different combinations of fruit drinks in our master cleanse pack helps you to build up and perfect your immune system and internal health. 


The Whole Cleanse Pack
7 Days — 30 Bottles

Thinking about conducting a complete 7-day period of juice cleansing? The whole cleanse pack provides you with every needed nutrient! 


New Green Tea Series

Unlock the refreshing tea crave.

Guava Lemon Green Tea

Perfect drink to release the tiring summer heat! This flavour combines the light sweet of guava and the freshness of green tea. Natural Flavour all in one sip!


Grapefruit Apple Green Tea

Looking for a delicious grapefruit juice? Here is your ideal drink! Grapefruit is a low-calorie fruit that offers antioxidants, vitamin C and A. 


More Packs

Best Seller Pack (12 Pack) - Natural Benefits Canada
Best Seller Pack (12 Pack) - Natural Benefits Canada

Best Seller Pack (12 Pack)